Linkin’ logs: 10-19-17

It’s a big ol’ goofy world, as John Prine intones, especially in the vinous realm:

• My kind of memorial to my kind of mayor, who purportedly drank a gallon of wine to save the city.

• Cork dork-osity: It appears that wine tastes better, or so we think, after that popping sound.

• I might be a bit too claustrophobic to sleep here. Probably should opt for an igloo instead.

• Words matter, except when they don’t, as this semi-frivolous lawsuit shows.

• In the “What the fuck is the matter with people?” category, Snopes felt compelled to post that Mexican drug cartels did not start the Wine Country fires. On the same topic — and decidedly not fake news — I talked to several former Minnesotans dealing with the crisis (photo courtesy of Tom Thornton).

• I buy wine to enjoy with friends and loved ones, not as an “investment.” But financially speaking, that’s apparently a good idea.

• Finally, I don’t care to try this, but it is worth noting:

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