Linkin’ logs 10-5-12

There’s a whole lotta heavy-duty news I could send your way, but for me serious times call for a little levity, or at least cleverness. To wit:

• I’m not crazy about beer out of cans, so I seriously doubt I would have any use for wine packaged the same way. Guess I’m not the target audience here.

• At first blush, this list of ways that wine is like women might seem sexist if not misogynist. But there’s some truth (and a consequence or two) in there, too.

This inventive device in the photo (of a new-equipment roundup) is tailor-made for my way better half’s son, who lives in San Francisco, bikes way more than he drives and loves him some red wine.

• And finally, a little musical interlude. A seriously gorgeous one, in fact.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Bill,

    As soon as people like wine NOT FOR THE CONTAINER but for the juice inside, we win! So I thank you for pointing out that article! I can’t wait to drink wine from a can… that I ACTUALLY like. keep me posted?

    Thanks for the mention on the “7 ways women” article. As a woman, it was fun to write. Comedy brings acceptance of each sexes unique and desirable traits.

  2. Winemaven58

    Maybe we could get those guys to play at one of our tastings… there would certainly be enough stemware around.

  3. Bill Ward

    Agree, Madeline. I’m gonna remain a bit leery about the can. Love minerally wines, but not sure that’s the mineral I’m looking for.
    Loved your article.

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