Linkin’ logs: 12-19-16

Time to be of good cheer, and to share some (mostly) cheerful tidings:

• Good news for vegans: A new device might curtail the use of animal products in the fining process.

• The morals of drinking wine, especially at lunch, are examined here.

• Stuart Piggott is not only a great wine writer; he’s a swell writer, period, as this piece on his love/hate affair with Bordeaux shows.

• Competition or a combo trip? Wine & Vines looks at whether weed and wine tourism will knock, uh, heads.

• For once, a hyperbolic-sounding InterWebs headline actually is just telling it like it is: A woman figured out how to dispense wine from her fridge.

• Finally, my friend Tom came across a post that explains the foibles of computerized translation of tasting notes:

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