Linkin’ logs: 12-7-17

Spanning the Web to bring you the constant variety of wine news:

• Natural wines are controversial, and with good reason. I treaded gingerly when writing about them this year; others are a bit more, well, forthcoming.

• Climate change is real —  the hottest summer on record is a major factor in current wildfires that hit at least one winery — but something different might be behind the rise of sugars/alcohol levels in grapes.

• I generally shy away from political posts — unless they’re providing sage vinous advice.

• I’ve inked to this ginormous wine cellar before, but this cool video still is worth checking out.

• The insanely unwieldy Sonoma Coast appellation now has an offspring, and it’s a cool (literally and figuratively), useful one: the Petaluma Gap AVA.

• Finally, perhaps the best wine ad I’ve seen all year:

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