Linkin’ logs 2-17-16

Three days after Valentine’s, romance is in the air at Linkin’ Memorial High:

V Day• Counterintuitive “wine is good for you” news of the month: Valentine’s traditional foodstuffs have their benefits.

• Meanwhile, VinePair looks at why red wine is sexier than white.

• Wish I’d thought of this: In response to the CDC warnings, a “Birth Control and Booze Pairing” guideline.

• The estimable Jancis Robinson lists 10 things everyone should know about wine. I especially like Nos. 8 and 9.

• Finally, someone on Facebook posited that this 1950s pitchman looks like Ted Cruz. I say Cruz on his best day would be more homely than this guy on his worst, but I see a very slight resemblance:

Cruz wine



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