Linkin’ logs: 2-20-13

February, especially here in Tundraland, is a humor-impaired, irony-deficient month, it seems. I have seen little drollery on the InterTubes this month. But that doesn’t mean there’s not unusual and interesting stuff out there. To wit:

• I learned a new word while reading this account of someone aging wine in the briny semi-deep: “aquoir.” Ahem.

Adam• My buddy Adam LaZarre (left) passed along this quite-useful pronunciation guide to the wide, wild world of wine. I know most of them already, but it was fun to learn that anise is sometimes added to wine to increase acidity. And that those straw-covered Chianti bottles have a most appropriate name.

• Madeline Puckette is one of the coolest things to hit the Web, wine-wise, in some time. Her artistic endeavors are fetching and informative. Two of my favorites: a major rundown of varietals and a calorie count for sundry wines.

• I’m a sucker for lists, so this one “” of the alleged 100 most influential people in the wine world “” was right in my wheelhouse. It might seem a tad writer-heavy, but we ink-stained wretches will take it.

• And finally, if I were half my current age (or younger), I’d probably want one of these:

Wine Boxes

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