Linkin’ logs: 2-28-16

The wheels on the Web keep on turnin’, and have brought us these little gems:

Peter Sr.• I never had the good fortune to meet Peter Mondavi Sr. (left) — although I thoroughly enjoyed breaking bread with his son, Peter Jr. — before he died last weekend. Here’s a really good interview with him from just a few years ago.

• Info on this front — removing red-wine stains — is always welcome, especially for those as klutzy as yours truly.

• Doubly blessed: I not only got to go to the Premiere Napa Valley barrel tasting, but joined nine others in choosing our favorites among certain lots. And no, mine wasn’t a cabernet sauvignon.

• More potentially good news on the health front: A tipple just before catching some zzz’s might be beneficial.

• Finally, a classic “I hate when this happens” moment:

Screw Cap


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