Linkin’ logs: 2-8-17

Celebrities, calories, chanterelles and more as we scroll the InterWebs:

• I wanna hang with Johnny Depp, if this is how much he really spends on wine. (And check out the tattoo on his right arm.)

• Funny stuff: some ridiculous restaurant complaints such as “My Champagne was too fizzy.” Be sure to watch the short video at the bottom.

• I thoroughly enjoy getting the Thrillist package every day, largely because they find great story angles like this one on watching your calories in wine.

• My friend Chris Kassel not only recommends a couple of seriously intriguing wines, but makes a great point about the shape of Italy — and of Italian wines.

• Joe Roberts provides insight, and some remedies, for wine headaches.

• Finally, some ingenious (perhaps) ways of extracting that cork:

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