Linkin’ logs: 3-18-14

Hail and hale are watchwords in this installment from Linkin’ Memorial High:

• We have not exactly come a long way, baby: The estimable Karen MacNeil looks at the lingering paucity of women winemakers, with an interesting varietal twist.

• Hail, no! Some folks in hail-ravaged Burgundy are trying to combat grapes’ worst climatological enemy by Hailgoing high-tech.

• When I’m visiting my native Nashville, I always stop by the Wine Shoppe at Green Hills and buy some wines recommended by manager Dan Hutchison. I always considered him a hale fellow well met; now it turns out he’s a hale fellow well read, combining tastings and books.

• There aren’t too many surprises in this fabulous U.S. map tracking wine consumption by state, although I never would have guessed the state with the highest marks. And one of my favorite bloggers, Tyler Colman, dug a little deeper for some fascinating correlations. 


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