Linkin’ logs: 3-30-15

Beer here! And microbes good and bad! All in a day’s curriculum at Linkin’ Memorial High:

Lite• For some reason, this report on people preferring weaker wines made me think of those old tastes-great/less-filling ads.

• A few years back, Oregon wine maestro Ken Wright shared some thoughts here on the value of microbial matter in soil. Now comes a report that basically backs what Wright believes, and posits that the key element of terroir might be … bacteria?

• Not the microbes you want: A former nuclear-weapons plant site is leaching groundwater in Washington wine country.

• Here’s a very cool look at the origins and history of zinfandel.

• The Catholic Church is backing a wine bar in northern France. Guessing they’re serving something better than sacramental wine.

• Finally, this T-shirt should be on many an oenophile’s gift list:





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