Linkin’ logs: 4-2-19

Scrollin’ the day away at Linkin’ Memorial High:

• Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph cavorting in Wine Country? Sign me up.

• A seasoned reporter (ahem) can sniff out a good story, just as (apparently) our canine friends can sniff out cork taint.

• I loves me some ice wine — and am bummed that its future is perilous.

• Spit-take alert: My buddy the Hosemaster hits the ground running and never lets up in taking on the mysteries of wine.

• It’s not nearly as entertaining, but this look at why we call wine dry is edifying.

• I think (or at least hope) that wine enthusiasts are a smallish minority in the world of drunk-shopping.

• Finally, the truth, the whole truth and nothin’ but the truth:

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