Linkin’ logs 4-7-13

Spanning the world-wide tubes that form the Interwebs:

• When it comes to wine in Thailand: elephants good, pythons bad, two seasons every year good, rain-induced low yields bad.

Jesus• I’ve seen many an odd permutation of that whole WWJD thing, but this is a first for me: a book called “What Would Jesus Drink?”

• A bit more irreverent, but filled with more definitive truth, is this post about how to avoid wankerism by one of my favorite wine writers, Samantha Dugan. Great advice for those who go to free (or paid) tastings.

• If you’re anywhere near as tired of hearing people saying that sulfites keep them from drinking wine, here’s some great ammo.

• Finally, this woman absolutely speaks for me:



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  1. Bill,
    Thank you so much for the shout out here and that whole, “Wine Writer” business which while very kind, might be a bit of a stretch! I appreciate this kind sir, I do.

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