Linkin’ logs 5-14-12

Around those tubes known as the Internet:

The compound known as resveratrol, found in red wine, has proven beneficial to our health in sundry ways, but this is a first: The government is testing to see if it can slow or stymie the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. Like I need another reason to enjoy red wine.

As a lifelong sports fan, I’ve often marveled at how people who show tremendous smarts in building a financial fortune can morph into dunderheaded numskulls upon buying a professional sports franchise. Well, as “The Billionaire’s Vinegar” and this ongoing story show, the ultra-rich often follow the same lame-brain de-evolution when it comes to wine.

Speaking of both that book and the worlds of sports and wine, Brad Pitt, recently nominated for an Oscar as baseball’s Billy Beane, is lined up to star in the film version of “The Billionaire’s Vinegar.”

And finally, we all know how well wine and cheese play together. Now I’m pumped about testing some pairings with sandwiches made in these seriously cool bags.

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