Linkin’ logs: 5-23-13

Spanning the tubes to give you wine-world wise news:

• My friend Reid just put in a fantabulous 800-bottle cellar, much of which he built himself. I probably shouldn’t show him these cellars, lest he get a big ol’ dose of pinot envy.

• There are bad ideas, and then there’s this: smoking alcohol. Yeesh.

• No one likes taxes, but it’s always good to know just how much we’re paying with our purchases. This handy-dandy state-by-state map shows state excise taxes on wine. By far the highest rate is in Kentucky; guessing it’s to make up for what almost certainly are teeny-tiny (nonexistent?) cigarette taxes.

• Per the above item, here are Upper Midwest tax rates for sundry spirits:




• Finally, the best sign I’ve seen in a good long while:

Alcohol II



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