Linkin’ logs: 5-8-16

We’re on a scroll, seeking out the most edifying and/or entertaining far on the Wine Web:


• “We’re in a world without balls.” Learn the context in which peripatetic wine consultant Michel Rolland (left) said this.

• The French have always had a more mature view of children and alcohol, and they’re better off for it. I have no hope that many Americans will learn from this.

• Decanter chose these 10 vinous photos as best of the year. I concur, even without seeing the other entrants.

• Timely advice: As is their custom, the witty wags at the Onion take a completely believable premise and run with it, revealing an unknown benefit of red wine.

• Learned a new word today, and it’s right in my wheelhouse, having both vinous and literary connotations: oenomel.

• Finally, I’ve had the occasional night like this, but much less often since making wine my primary imbibable:


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