Linkin’ Logs 7-18-13

Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’, keep that ADD rollin’, through my boss’ scoldin’, raw links!

Labels• Given the affiliation with Wind Gap, I’m guessing the Jolie-Laide wines are really good. But many of us would buy them for the labels.

• Given how much I’d love to travel all over Europe, I should do one of these for wine.

• Apparently there are quite a few takes on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”; all I know is that this one is an absolute hoot. John Jordan and Brent Young might just have on-screen futures beyond YouTube. I was thinking, though, that it would have been nice for Jordan to channel Psy just a wee more, but then I discovered that he already had done it.

• I’ve seen some really cool things made out of a buttload of corks. But this stool is not one of them:

Cork seat








• Finally there’s this poster. H/T to Jon Thorsen, a k a “The Reverse Wine Snob.

Men & Wine


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