Linkin’ logs 7-29-12

It’s impossible to keep up with one-gazillionth of what’s other there in the Web World, but here are a few recent stories that would have tickled my fancy pants if I owned any fancy pants:

• This oafish maneuver reminds me of when the lady in Bouchard’s ancient caves handed my friend Joe an 1876 bottle and he couldn’t get it out of his hands and into mine fast enough. His rationale: “They won’t get mad if the wine writer drops it.” Guessing that in this case, there were other … distractions.

• Speaking of old wines, someone has unearthed millennia-old juice in China. I hear the 1010 BC reds are drinking nicely right about now.

• Anyone who ever had been flummoxed by a restaurant wine list “” that would be all of us “” should appreciate this video.

• On a more serious note, with all the wine fraud out there, it’s no surprise that someone has presented herself as an expert in sniffing out the fake stuff.

• And finally, someone has concocted a switchplate that might be dubbed “the meaning of life”:



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