Linkin’ logs: 8-19-13

This is an abbreviated version of the logs, but wanted to get a timely (and synergisticself-promoting) link in today:

• Minnesota wineries did quite well in Friday’s Cold Climate Grape Competition. Minnesota-created grapes (from the same outfit that developed the Honeycrisp apple) did even better.

• My home state did not fare as well on this fabulous map of how wine-consumer-friendly different states are. The assessment, btw, comes from a fabulous new organization started by blogger extraordinaire Tom Wark called the American Wine Consumer Coalition. Serious wine consumers should consider joining, which I (blush) am overdue to do myself.

• And finally, my way better half and I are gonna figure out a way to make these:

Bottle light


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  1. Mitch Z

    Oops! Scroll down from the map to check out the growing list of errors. MN got a C, who knows how it would change if the study reflected that we CAN ship to consumers and there actually is not wine in grocery stores…

  2. Bill Ward

    I saw that, Mitch, and definitely should have commented. Thanks for doing so, especially on the shipping. I do, however, believe that a case can be made that we DO have wine in grocery stores. Except for the stores in towns with munis, they can and often do have booze marts in the same building but a separate entrance. The wine is not in the aisles with the PB and the TP, but it’s in roughly the same space, so I consider that to be “in” grocery stores. And I like it the way it is.

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