Linkin’ logs 8-26-12

When in the course of human relations, especially when it comes to wine, we sometimes opt for the Interwebs for guidance:

• The topic is senior sex, elderly types aiming to engage in what my way-better half and I call “the magic push-push” (pronounced with a Belgian accent). As usual, Dr. Ruth has it all figured out.

• No matter one’s age, apparently drinking makes us think we’re infinitely more attractive. I always thought it worked the opposite way, that we found others more fetching the more we drank.

• Speaking of close relations, a new study indicates that marriage drives women to drink more, and men perhaps less. This is definitely passed along without comment.

• And it turns out that the above study, if true, could be a positive for women if they take the recommended approach.

• All bets are off, however, for those who consume too many wine milkshakes. Kinda glad I don’t live in L.A., ’cause I might be tempted.

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