Linkin’ logs: 8-4-15

I was stunned to see that for some friends son, school already has started in Atlanta (can’t imagine the air-conditioning bills). But then again, Linkin’ Memorial High is always in session:

• Wish I could write this good: Terry Theise makes impeccable points in this look at the “natural wine” realm.

Randall• Randall Grahm (left) is another of my very favorite wine people, and he’s always up to something. Now he’s raising funds to create a “grand cru” in Santa Barbara from 10,000 new grape varieties. Which got a hilarious skewering from yet another of my favorite fermented-juice folks, the Hosemaster of Wine.

• I had a ton of fun gathering the material for this piece of where Napa vintners like to eat, casual and special occasion. Learned a lot, too.

Trunk Disease• I wrote that story for a seriously cool new publication called Le Pan, which also has a great but frightful  article posted on a lesser-known disease posing a significant threat to grape growers.

• OK, so this take on wine pairing via zodiac sign seems like a reach, but hey, I do loves me some Rioja.

• Not sure how many push-ups I’m capable of at this stage, but this method probably would help.

• Finally, we’ve been doing a lot of work on our house lately, but, alas, have yet to add the sink or any of the chairs below:






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