Linkin’ logs: 9-1-16

Cool stuff from the Wineterweb:

• No place has the breadth and depth of wines to match Italy. Wine Folly provides its typically looky approach to this.

Petrus• Decanter’s Andrew Jefford looks at the quandary that so many of us have been facing — whether to get out of the high-end-buying world — and has a fascinating point about truly interesting vs. expensive bottles.

• My friend Jason has written a swell piece prompted by an encounter with what I like to call “liquivores.” He makes some insightful points about styles and trends.

• Wit and wisdom, h/t to my friend Mike: Hedges winery has compiled a fabulous list of “rules for attending a wine festival.” My favorite: “Over-buff late thirties guy: Don’t try to impress your date by contradicting me.  You’re going to fail. Yeah, try me.”

• Finally, I need one of these:


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