Linkin’ logs: 9-25-13

All kinds of news has, well, bubbled up during my amazing trip to Nashville ““ strong suggestions: eat at Husk and buy Rosanne Cash’s new CD in January ““ including a bubble-licious crash. Also:

This article not only recounts the return of vinous artifacts to Afghanistan but also Oinochieclued me in on what an oinochoe is: a wine pitcher whose etymology derives from the Greek words oino (wine) and choe (a liquid offering).

• The always-entertaining Tyler Coleman takes a look at the risqué business of wine labels that push the bounds of propriety. See which ones made the cut here.

• My buddy Joe always has a breathalyzer in his car, which comes in especially handy on Boys’ Syrah Night. Now two companies are touting compact versions of such devices.

• Finally, this sign contains a not-so-hard but fast rule:

Wine Sign

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