Linkin’ logs: Pi Day

Been scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’ more than usual lately and finding a bevy of cool stuff:

Stewart• Having abandoned Top 40 radio more than half a lifetime ago, I don’t think I ever heard the Rod Stewart ditty “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (which I consider a plus). But according to Time magazine, drinking a bit of wine makes it more likely the answer is yes.

• The more you learn about wine, the easier it is to forget stuff you once knew. Andrea Robinson reminded me of this while talking about Sancerre being a haven for pinot noir. Now Decanter has more on how my favorite grape does there.

• My friend Mike Dunne dissects some really interesting data on younger consumers: They not only like fruit wines, but two-thirds of them say they mix wine with fruit juice. Makes me want a Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice. Or three.

• One Bordeaux winery thinks that Sauternes should be consumed before a meal as well as after it.

• And finally some sign language, a bit of mobile drollery:

Allegro 2

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