Linkin’ logs: 7-12-16

Food for thought from the InterTubes:

Rose-gummy-bears.1jpg-630x417• I loves me some gummy bears, and I loves me some Whispering Angel rosé, so this product is made for me.

• It was hard to nail a theme for my take on the current state of Twin Cities wine bars: basically better than ever but still semi-inadequate.

• One milliliter per hour isn’t much, but something that continuously makes wine is still pretty cool.

WineTruck• I’m trying to figure out the “jingle” that this truck should play: Maybe this or this.

• Among the many highlights in this swell interview of my friend Ron is this spot-on assessment: “the simple truths about wine—its history, its resonance with the human spirit, its simple joys, not the least of which is altering our state of consciousness.”

• Finally, every wine lover’s home should have one of these:

Moet Water Cooler


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