Linkin’ logs: 6-7-18

Scrollin, scrollin, scrollin’, keep those cool links rollin’:

• How do I love David Ramey’s wines? Let me count the ways, starting with, as  he proclaims in this fab interview, “First, wine’s supposed to taste delicious!”

• My friend the Hosemaster writes only once a month these days, alas, but he really brings it, as in this piece on an old wine critics’ home.

• Well I’ll certainly own up to being a vinous lush, and certain other of these sobriquets might apply as well.

• Upper Midwest resolve plays a part in continuing efforts to create great American grapes, as this stellar article shows.

• The French might be a bit secretive about some of their winemaking practices, but I’m really glad these guys are furtive about the end product.

• Finally, if I were not married, this is what I’d put in one of those singles ads:

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