Linkin’ logs: 8-23-14

It’s (almost) all about the numbers as we mosey through Linkin’ Memorial High. Oh, and an item that would be on my Xmas list but even I don’t want anyone to spend that much:

• As a once and future (and present) aficionado of this varietal, not to mentions lists, this zinfandel power ranking was a must-check-out.

• In the same vein, I enjoyed (and was occasionally shocked by) this look at 25 great wine innovators.

• More predictable was the latest update on the 16 most counterfeited wines.

• Is Two Buck Chuck the sausage of the wine world, in that you do NOT want to see how it’s made? Perhaps, this article implies. Great comments on this one.

• And yes, I really would like to have a wine-map tablecloth, but only after they get to a reasonable price, and as much to see what subregion the night’s first wine spillage hits. Make mine Côte de Beaune, please.

• Finally, this woman captures my mood at certain times of the week:




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