Notes, quotes and anecdotes

For some reason, I’ve stumbled into some memorable quotes of the vinous ilk lately. Among them:

• Wise words from Mark Twain: “There are no standards of taste in wine, cigars, poetry, prose, etc. Each man’s own taste Twainis standard, and a majority vote cannot decide for him or in any slightest degree affect the supremacy of his own standard.”

• My neighbor and friend Tony is a great guy and quite the straight arrow; loved it when he used to put on the Boy Scout uniform with his sons. He doesn’t drink wine, but his better half Julie does, so I occasionally pass along duplicate freebies or wines that I sampled and thought she’d enjoy. I recently asked Tony if I was correct in assuming that she liked fruity wines. “The sweeter and wetter, the better,” he blurted out. I paused, then guffawed, and he followed suit, a bit red-faced, once he realized how that actually could be construed. “OK, you can put that on your blog,” he said, still smiling. Done.

Krug• We were dining and quaffing one recent night, and enjoying some older wines that my friends Larry and Molly had brought over. While lamenting that we don’t have enough older wines in our cellars, Larry offered up a sagacious thought:  “Just think of all the great wines we didn’t get to drink because we drank them.”


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