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I just finished reading the marvelous “Wine & War” and am working up a review. But in the meantime, I found these quotations from the book too good not to share (plus it gave me an excuse to run a photo of the estimable Andre Simon):

“[Wine is] the best elixir for guaranteeing a long life that has ever been invented.  “” Leon Douarche, vice president of the French Winegrowers’ Association

“[Wine is] a good counselor, a true friend who neither bores nor irritates us. It does not send us to sleep, nor does it keep us awake “¦ it is always ready to cheer, to help, but not to bully us.  ““ Andre Simon (left), French wine authority

“The old and ill need wine. It’s an excellent food for them; it’s easily digested and a vital source of vitamins and minerals. 
“” Douarche

God made man ““
Frail as a bubble;
God made love ““
Love made trouble;
God made the vine ““
Was it a sin
That man made wine
To drown trouble in?
“” Anonymous

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