Well fed and well said: Food folks on wine

Wine is food, even though many folks don’t view it that way. Regardless, food folks have shared perceptive thoughts on wine for some time now. Among my favorite examples:

Julia Child• “Having wine every night is such a civilized thing. I would like to see everybody enjoy a glass of wine, release their tensions.  I’m very fond of the idea of the family meal, complete with wine.” — Julia Child (left)

•”Wine is a living liquid …  Its life cycle comprises youth, maturity, old age, and death. When not treated with reasonable respect, it will sicken and die.”  — Julia Child.

• “Good wine, well drunk, can lend majesty to the human spirit.”  — M.F.K. Fisher

• “You can’t be a wine snob.  You have to keep your mind open.  You have no idea where the next great wine is going to come from.” — Katy Sparks, chef

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