Wines of the Week: Aug. 12-18

Everyday: I am always hesitant to use the word “sexy” or even “sensuous” in Shayadescribing a wine. Not worried about coming across as a perv (too late for that!) but just aware that what’s sexy to some isn’t to others. (there are people who, for example, who consider Jessica Simpson sexy). Suffice to say, then, that the 2011 Shaya Rueda Old Vines Verdejo ($15) has a tingly, sexy mouthfeel. And waves of delicious fruit, a peachy/pear-y nose joined by apple and citrus flavors. And a nut-tinged harmony on the smooth, minerally, more than ample finish. Yum. Try it with boiled, broiled or grilled shrimp and scallops, or a big ol’ tomato-laden salad.

Occasion: For years I have been enjoying the bejesus out of Stefano Inama‘s Soave BinomioClassicos, but it was only fairly recently that I learned he has a magical touch with reds, too. The 2007 Inama Binomio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ($42) is the tastiest, richest rendition of that varietal I have come across. Harvested from vines planted in 1974, it boasts intense dark berry/cherry flavors, rockin’ & rollin’ tannins and a truly boundless finish. There also are intriguing peppercorn notes on this full-bodied beauty. It’s a steak wine, or a burger wine, or a portobello wine, or just a swell accompaniment for any food with full-flavored robustness.


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