Wines of the Week: Oct. 14-20

Everyday: Spanish whites have been a staple at the Ward household of late, before and Godeval 2after I wrote about them for my day job. One of my favorites is the super-refreshing 2010 Vina Godeval Godello ($16), in which the fabulous fruit and nervy minerailty fight to a draw. We grape nuts tend to use terms that can be tough to associate with wine, and this white is filled with one of those: energy. Crisp citrus flavors linger from friendly start to ample finish, and the mouth-watering acidity makes this an especially food-friendly wine. All manner of seafood, from brisk ceviche or shrimp cocktail to whole fish with a rich sauce, would make swell accompaniments.

Occasion: The cool 2010 season in Oregon produced red wines that show the Evening Landimportance of the vintner over the vintage. Blessedly, most Willamette Valley wineries are in quite capable hands, and certainly the 2010 Evening Land Seven Springs Pinot Noir ($45) displays a deft touch. The herb-laden dark red fruit is stout but refined, with gorgeous tannins providing even more oomph to the fruit flavors. The ample stuffing indicates that this robust red will age well, but it’s eminently drinkable now. Especially with roasted fowl (pheasant!) or hearty autumnal soups.

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