Words of great import(ers)

I’ve been blessed to meet many seriously cool people in the wine bios. Two of my favorite are importers: Kermit Lynch and Terry Theise. Here are some words of wisdom from those two stalwarts:

Kermit• “Blind tastings are to wine what strip poker is to love.” — Kermit Lynch (left)

• “And the wine had to be light in alcohol because the cuisine arouses a gargantuan thirst.” — Lynch

• ”[Wine] is the gift of nature that tastes on man’s foibles, his sense of the beautiful, his idealism and virtuosity.”— Lynch

• “A universe can live inside a speck of flavor.” — Terry Theise

•  “The truth of how a bottle of wine tastes is not how the first sip tastes, but how the last sip tastes.” — Theise

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