Linkin’ logs: 11-30-16

It’s a health and science kind of day at Linkin’ Memorial High:

• Good news on the health front for those who enjoy red wine or white wine. No new word on rosé or bubbles :o)

straw• Apparently, drinking wine through a straw will not provide a better buzz.

• The world’s oldest winery, as you might expect, is in … Armenia.

• Speaking of old, I’m wondering if an 8532 B.C. wine would be helped or hurt by decanting. … oldest wine bottle unopened

• The President-elect might not believe in climate change, but winemakers the world over know better. Thankfully, scientists are at work on it, trying to make the king of grapes better-suited for the future.

• Finally, the folks at “South Park” speak for me:



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