Linkin’ logs: 6-18-16

Been across the pond for a few weeks, so there’s a lot to catch up on, starting with:

Blue• Am I blue? Are you too? We might be after consuming some azure-hued wine.

• My word-a-day feed just introduced me to a vinous term, botryoidal: having the form of a cluster of grapes. Not sure what else it applies to (maybe my liver?), so its usage might be limited.

• I never thought I’d be gracing the pages of a mom’s blog, but I had a lot of fun researching tasty under-$12 wines, many of which have graced these pages as well.

• Is glyphosate in wine a problem? Moms Across America looked into it, and TV reported on it.

• Are you ready for some red-wine milkshakes? Not sure I am, although I do often make a raspberry-zinfandel sorbet; here’s the recipe.

Finally, the answer to an age-old question:

Size Sign


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