Linkin’ logs: 6-27-16

Spanning the Web to bring you the constant variety of wine:

DRC• For those even remotely interested in the pricing of fine wines, this article from the redoubtable FiveThirtyEight website is packed with cool info and stats.

• Which cities in the world consume the most wine? Interesting rankings for overall and per-capita consumption, including a German locale I’ve never heard of and the fact that three Italian cities have the exact same per-capita rate.

• So many pairing articles are done for the sake of novelty (“What to drink with S’mores!”), but this one is really cool. I’m having some falafel and albariño stat.

• Is Burg-ophile a word? If so, I am one. So is Jon Bonné, who articulates why Burgundy is and will remain where it’s at in the wine world.

• We had an amazing wine lunch the other day (5-plus hours), and I was feeling a bit peaked the next day. The proper diagnosis:

Wine sign



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