Linkin’ logs: 12-2-14

Scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’, the Interweb is swollen with good stuff. Some recent faves:

Drinkers• First, the good news: It appears that a huge percentage of heavy drinkers are not alcoholics.

• Even better news: The world’s mother grape apparently was saved from extinction. Cin cin!

• A few years back, stellar vintner Thomas Rivers Brown told me “A lot of folks in Napa should pull up their vines and plant corn” because the soil was not suited for grapes. That’s not gonna happen anytime soon, but at least some California folks realize that grapes have been overplanted.

• To live long and prosper, you might want to consider quaffing some Klingon blood wine.

• More than a few foregone conclusions are challenged in a fascinating piece at the dandy food/beverage site Zester Daily. Among the topics: Aussie wines, blending vs. single vineyards and the importance of a “house style.”

• Finally, this could be me and my way better half:

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