Linkin’ Logs: 11-22-14

New inventions and semi-old traditions are among the highlights of this week’s scroll through Weblandia:

• I’m a big fan of Mouton Rothschild’s practice of having an accomplished artist create the winery’s label each year. MoutonHere’s a gallery of the labels, going back to the beginning  in 1924.

• I had a fantastic barbera the other night that I opined would be a great Turkey Day wine. The swell site VinePair delves much more deeply with this great Thanksgiving pairing chart.

• Across the pond, where they won’t be eating oyster stuffing on Thursday, comes word that drones might be used to detect vine disease.

• Want to make your wine — any and all of your wine — taste better? Then save up for when this gadget comes out. Or not, if you’re as skeptical as I am. (Would love to test it, though).

• Now THIS is an invention I can get behind, the wine purse:

Wine Purse

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