Wines of the Week: Nov. 17-23

Everyday: For many of us, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without bubbles, and no, they need not be from this country on this Mionettoalleged all-American holiday (which, btw, originated with some immigrants feting the folks who already lived here). You could do a lot worse than the Mionetto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Brut ($16). There’s a boatload of lively citrus and apple aromas and flavors, laced with vibrant acidity and tons of tingles from the effervescence. And oh, what a finish. Besides most everything at the Turkey Day table, this sparkling delight goes with … most everything, from potato chips to strawberries to fried chicken. The shimmering but hard-edged songs of Aimee Mann are just the ticket.

Occasion: Le Nouveau Boujolais est arrivez! And hopefully departez. Go for the real thing rather than that banana-inflected Nouveau stuff. MorgonThe 2012 Marcel Lapierre Morgon ($30) is a lovely intro, with fabulous bright cherry flavors and uncommon depth. This herb-inflected beauty, a Kermit Lynch import, fairly rumbles across the palate and smooths out through a splendid extended finish. Here is another gem that would be a versatile player come Thursday, or with roast pork or vegetable terrines. Break out some rustic tuneage from the amazing Neil Young (opt for perhaps my favorite album of the 1970s).

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