Linkin’ logs: 4-17-15

Been working on launching the travel itinerary part of this site properly and am behind on surfin’ USA (and beyond). A few nice reads:

Latour• Like most wine lovers, I can’t afford the often insanely priced top-of-the-line stuff. The stellar website Vine Pair has come up with some good “backup plans” for some of those wines, although a few are still mighty spendy.

• Wine labels have never been a truth-in-advertising candidate, often aiming to evoke a feeling/mood or place and often, well, who the Hell knows? A clever graphic artist has come up with a dozen made-up labels that do the job more honestly.

Miraval• Not sure if there’s anybody to feel sorry for in this story: Brangelina wine is being counterfeited in China.

• Those who have thought about buying wine as an investment might want to think again. This echoes what some friends who have looked into this say. Of course, they’re not on Screaming Eagle’s mailing list.

• A St. Louis startup claims to have developed a swizzle-stick-like device to extract sulfites from wine without affecting the flavor, texture, etc. We’ll see (A) how much it ends up costing, and (B) who ends up really benefiting. Sulfite is wrongly blamed for a LOT of “red-wine headaches.” Here’s the lowdown, in Wine Folly’s usual stellar fashion, on the topic.

• Finally, lots of artsy (and fartsy) stuff to share, starting with a great address and finishing with a guide to wine:

Street sign








Wine Made Easy









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