Linkin’ logs: 4-8-15

I cover several newsy items in my Star Tribune column this week, but of course there’s lots more going on in the wide Web world:

• The Washington Post’s terrific wine columnist Dave McIntyre profiles a guy who’s investigating what domestic wines the JesusFounding Fathers might have consumed. Catawba, anyone? Meanwhile, a California newspaper investigates WWJD (What would Jesus drink?).

• Another redoubtable vinous scribe, Mike Steinberger, reacts to a screed about Sine Qua Non’s wines. Love his takeaway: “the millions of dollars that are spent chasing [Manfred] Krankl’s confections are millions of dollars not spent chasing the wines that I happen to prefer.”

• I still cringe whenever I see “impact” used as a verb unless a tooth is involved, so let’s call this reassurance about how the wine biz won’t be hugely affected by the California drought.

• This look at tasting terminology contains some fabuloso illos.

• Finally, a sign of the times. Any times:

Wine sign 2


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