Linkin’ logs: 7-31-16

All the news that’s fit to drink in:

Wine Cat• I’m sure my late, great cat Roscoe would have lapped up wine made for felines.

• Learned a couple of things from this brief piece on cooling wines quickly: that it’s best to wrap the bottle in a wet cloth before placing it in the freezer (for 10 minutes), and that “lots of salt” should be put into a mix of crushed ice and cold water to do the job (in 15 minutes).

• Here’s an interesting way to construct a wine cellar.

Bledsoe• Former NFL QBs Drew Bledsoe (left) and Rick Mirer have delved deeply into our world with their own wineries.

• I enjoy the Delectable and Vivino apps but don’t use them as much as I should. Now comes a similar app, Wine Ring, which purportedly can tell if you’ll like an unfamiliar wine (based on ratings you’ve given other fermented grape juice).

• Finally, this future imbiber speaks for me:

Wine Sign

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