Getting in tune with wine

I love music every bit as much as I love wine. So when the two join forces, this is one happy camper. A few bon mots from musicians and/or those who equate the two:

• “In the order named, these are the hardest to control: Wine, Women, and Song.” — Franklin P. Adams

“Do not let this bottle serve as an inspiration to call your ex in an attempt to get back together.  Some very fine grapes have Soggydied in the making of this wine.  Show some respect.” — Soggy Bottom Boys (left)

• “There is no word in French for ‘winemaker,’ and this is not by chance. We are a part of nature and part of the chain of the winemaking process, and we are just one part of the chain. I think of myself more like an orchestral conductor. A conductor moves his arms when on the stage, but there is no sound without the musicians. The musicians are like the vines, the weather, the wines themselves, the geology and with all parts of the chain working together, you will make nice harmonious music. The same can be said for wine.” — Laurent Ponsot, Morey-Saint-Denis

• “I spent ninety percent of my money on wine, women and song and just wasted the other ten percent.” — Ronnie Hawkins

• “Clearly, the pleasures wines afford are transitory but so are those of the ballet, or of a musical performance. Wine is inspiring and adds greatly to the joy of living.”  — Napoleon

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