Here’s to our health!

Most of the evidence indicates that wine does have benefits to our health, especially in moderation. Which reminds me of one of my favorite toasts: “All things in moderation! Including moderation!” But I digress. Here are some wise words on wine and health:

Maggie“Precision and wine are the keys to a long life.” — Maggie Smith in “My Old Lady”

“Wine enhances food, reduces stress, kindles romance, promotes good health, and it certainly improves our dispositions.” — Margrit Biever-Mondavi

“Fermented beverages have been preferred over water throughout the ages: they are safer, provide psychotropic effects, and are more nutritious. McGovernSome have even said alcohol was the primary agent for the development of Western civilization, since more healthy individuals (even if inebriated much of the time) lived longer and had greater reproductive success.  — Dr. Patrick McGovern, et al., “The Origins & Ancient History of Wine”

“I have enjoyed great health at a great age because everyday since I can remember I have consumed a bottle of wine except when I have not felt well. Then I have consumed two bottles.” — Bishop of Seville

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