Linkin’ logs: 1-30-15

Been doing a lot of scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’ through the raw hide of the Web and uncovered some coolish stuff:

Trezise• A friend of mine interviews another friend of mine (Jim Trezise, left) about one of our very favorite grapes. You might be able to guess which one from the photo.

• It’s a well-known fact in the industry that college professors tend to like really good wine. Turns out that in at least one case, their institutions have an interest as well.

• Any test showing that wine is good for us is most welcome, especially when it’s as sturdy a study as this one.

• Avid TV viewers will enjoy this rundown of what certain female characters should be drinking.

• I had some serious fun putting together this wintry wine-soaked reading (and viewing) list.

• Finally, this woman speaks for many if not most of us:

Wine Sign

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