Linkin’ logs: 1-27-15

There’s fun and games and history and biography and more in this whirl through the World Wine Web:

• One of the planet’s funniest writers, Mark Morford, performs a thorough and thoroughly droll takedown of the wines associated with the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise.

Petroski• I had a great visit last summer with one of my favorite winemakers, Dan Petroski (left), and the results are here.

• Petroski’s wines from Napa (Massican and Larkmead) are the real deal, but apparently this guy’s juice is anything but.

• Lots of interesting facts and figures at this look at the past and present of U.S. wine consumption. For a look at the future, check this out.

• I have to admit to being surprised that the wine pilfered from the French Laundry was recovered. I figured it was purloined for an individual who would not share it with anyone he didn’t trust irredeemably.

• And speaking of trustful relationships …

Wine Sign 2

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