Linkin’ logs: 1-6-16

Scrollin’, scrollin’ scrollin’ for cool stuff on the InterTube. Found these:

Ben Carter• 2015 was a banner year for the Grim Reaper, and the new annum is looking like more of the same. The engaging, insightful Ben Carter just left us way too early. Best tribute is to check out his work here.

• Now that people are starting to enjoy sparkling wine year-round, not just for holidays and weddings, this (sorry) eye-popping warning is worth heeding.

Mulled• Speaking of timely: Most of our memories of mulled wine are a deterrent to wanting to make it ourselves. The clever folks at VinePair explain how to do it right, and to warm the cockles of our heart (whatever those are)  a bone-chilling evening.

• OK then: Canned wine will be a thing, maybe a big thing, this year, according to the folks at Whole Foods.

• Finally: this tippler speaks for many of us:

Memory & Wine


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