Linkin’ logs: 10-5-15

I peruse the InterWebs so you don’t have to. Some semi-recent highlights:

• Here’s a story idea I wish I had come up with: asking experts which obscure grapes and regions will be on our radar 10 years hence. Ditto for this (older) one on what cork-dork catchphrases mean.

Harlequin• I suppose this was inevitable (actually surprised it took this long): wines from Harlequin. Sigh.

• OK, see if you can guess how many grapes go into one bottle of wine. Wrong! The answer, and more, are here.

• My friend the Hosemaster has been on quite a roll of late, and it started with this LOL-laden take on the Napa Wine Train contretemps.

• Finally, one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time:

Champagne Truck


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