Linkin’ logs: 9-30-15

We’re majoring in science this week at Linkin’ Memorial High, but also delving into history and just plain ol’ drinkin’:

Astronaut• As my friend Chuck notes, it would be really cool to see what four years in space would do to a wine; it apparently had a noteworthy effect on whiskey. At certain times, btw, U.S. astronauts got to indulge.

• This report is a bit geeky but has some interesting info on the parameters of storing wine.

• Saying that pesticides can be harmful to humans is one of those “well, duh” deals, but this report of alarming cancer rates among French children is, well, not good.

Le cadeau• Putting together a mixed case in a store generally is a breeze. Compiling this case of red wines with Minnesota connections turned out to involve a lot of legwork — but was worth it.

Quelle dommage: Turns out that Napoleon’s prison wardens made him “suffer” with just one bottle of Champagne a day. Among 50 total bottles.

• Finally, I have found a glass for those special occasions:

Huge Glass



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