Linkin’ logs: 9-23-15

Ending a whirlwind tour of Portugal this evening, and just starting to catch up on the World Wine Web. Some noteworthy stuff:

Aston• Oh, to be a prince: I’m jealous not only in coveting Prince Charles’ car that runs primarily on wine ethanol but of just having a vintage Aston Martin, period.

• Climate-change skeptics are the types who probably already hate the French, so they’re likely to be doubly miffed to see that vintners over there are experimenting with warmer-weather grapes in anticipation of hotter climes.

• Robert Sinskey always has forged his own path (and made stellar wine), so it’s no surprise that he is tinkering with growing truffles in Napa.

• Elin McCoy brings her usual acumen — and wit — to assessing Starbucks’ new wine program.

• Sage advice, from rock to vines:


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