Linkin’ logs: 10-7-14

Today at Linkin’ Memorial High, we journey all over the map, including to certain, uh, nether regions:

• It never had occurred to me that my favorite sportswriter and my favorite beverage could be connected, but Evan Dawson makes a great case for it in a splendid mashup of Roger Angell and wine.

Jura• There has been a lot of buzz about wines from France’s Jura region (left) of late, and I have had some fabulous (and a couple of not-so-fabulous) wines from there. Here’s a great overview of the area and its wines.

• For those of us who can’t get enough of Northern California’s wine regions, this is one hell of a bucket list.

• Most veteran cork dorks have likely had a range of experiences on this front: Wine Folly tries to get at the relationship between wine and sex drive.

• Finally, here’s the way some of us view the ideal time to quaff some fermented grape juice:

Wine Tuesday


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